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Why Staff Motivation doesn’t work: Employees are not robots that must be wound up every day.

Everyone knows a motivated workforce is essential to business success.  But the mistake people make is to try and motivate staff rather than addressing the reasons why staff are demotivated in the first place. In essence, they address the symptom … Continue reading

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Has your company got OCD?

Is it almost impossible to get things done in your company? Is creativity treated like insurrection? Are there more forms, processes and policies than there are people? If so, it sounds like your organisation is suffering from OCD, Obsessive Control Disorder. At … Continue reading

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Time to get serious about company culture

If company culture was a person, they would  frequently appear on Interpol’s most wanted list, but without a good description, would they ever find him? Confused? Well in my experience people talk about company culture as if it was a third … Continue reading

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