7 Tips for Attracting Talent


Think Again. If you have a Talent Acquisition department then maybe you should rethink your strategy. You don’t Acquire Talent, you Attract Talent. Slavery was abolished quite some time ago and unlike furniture you can’t purchase people. Seriously, regardless of any assertions that talent attraction is the core purpose of a Talent Acquisition team, the very name is contradictory and a turn off to perspective candidates. If you really believe talent is to be attracted then this should be reflected in what you do, what you say, and what you call yourself.


Don’t try gimmicks such as innovation days, work from home, extra holiday. As a people centric employer, you will want to be flexible to retain talented staff over their career with you, but flexibility shouldn’t be the main reason they want to join.


Think Vision. If you want to attract talent, then you need a corporate vision that people believe in and want to follow. Talented people have choices and want to join an organisation that has a compelling vision and purpose.


Don’t make money the reason people want to join. This will also be the reason they leave. Talented people want to be rewarded well, but this is not the motivation for joining a company.


Do ensure the company’s vision and purpose is on every job profile. It should not be separate and the job profile should refer to how the successful candidate will positively impact the core purpose of the company. Talented people want to make a difference. To attract talent you need to show how they can do exactly that.


Don’t add irrelevant or non-essential skills or qualifications into the job profile. This is a lazy recruitment practice by trying to eliminate as many candidates as possible. Artificially eliminating candidates through this process reduces the pool of talent. Instead focus on what really matters in terms of skills and ensure you test this fully. Since many companies are lazy, you will get access to the talent that everyone else filters out.


Do involve marketing as much as HR in recruitment. Remember; in order to attract talent you need to sell the company, not buy the candidates. Too many businesses get this the wrong way round!

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