Zen And The Art of Good Website Design

Zen And The Art Of Good Website Design

Zen And The Art Of Good Website Design

I am constantly surprised at the poor design of websites given their increasing importance and the plethora of tools, experts and knowledge around.

Often the front page is overloaded with content, boxes, multiple menus, and scrolling down for what seems like infinity.

You can’t see the wood for the trees and the noise of information overload drowns out any key points that may be there.  Often you have to hunt around looking for basic information such as who they are, what they do and even their contact information.

So here are my top five tips to transform your website:

  1. Paradigm Shift:
    Change the way you think about how you present website content. It seems many people start from the premise of an on-line document. Start from the premise of a power point presentation. Be precise, keep it focused and don’t scroll. If there are elements that really can’t be contained within a page, use frames so the integrity of the website remains.
  2. Keep it Simple Stupid:
    Put your customer or prospect hat on. Information overload and complexity will turn your prospects away. That’s pretty bad given all the effort you have gone to drive them there in the first place. Make it simple to navigate, easy to read and quick to understand.
  3. Hold The Front Page:
    The key messages on your front page should be;
    a) Who you are
    b) What you do
    c) How prospects can contact you.Use menus and links to delve into the detail and topics, that’s what they were invented for.
  4. Keep their Interest:
    Make every page count, make it interesting and make a point. If you keep their interest they will explore your site and find out more.
  5. Less IS more:
    Simplify everything that adds value. Remove anything that doesn’t  Keep every page simple and focused on ONE topic or area.
    If you follow these tips, your visitors will love you and keep coming back.
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