Merry Christmas: Download my book on innovation for free

Business of Innovation

Christmas is a time for giving and for the next 48 hours you can download my book on Business Innovation completely free.

This is my Christmas gift to you.  No catch.  No registration.  No email harvesting.

The offer has now expired but you can still purchase the books from the links below.

Here are the regional Amazon links to my book


These will be valid until the end of the 22nd of December, after which the book reverts to original retail  price.

If you not a fan of kindle then you can always  purchase the paper book version via the following Amazon links:

UK      USA      FRANCE      GERMANY       SPAIN       ITALY     JAPAN   CANADA

If you are wondering if there is an ulterior motive for releasing my kindle book for free download then maybe there is just one:

I have gained considerable experience over the years through a variety of technical and senior roles but I equally value the knowledge, ideas and concepts that I gained through the many books I have also read along the way.

The lesson I have learnt is that you cannot rest alone on your experience no matter how extensive it is, but utilise the greater experience and knowledge of many others who have significant value to offer.

So if I have an ulterior motive, it is altruistic in  encouraging you to read more.  I know many of us have busy work and personal lives such is the world today and very little time for personal development.

However, the mediums for knowledge transfer are far greater today with the ability to download e-books onto Kindle, Phone, Ipad or PC.  Many books are available as audio CD’s (my preferred method) that you can listen to whilst driving or audio download to iPod’s that you can listen to whilst commuting, jogging or at the Gym.

So I hope this free offer inspires you to start reading and growing. My book itself is a quick read;  I deliberately condensed the material in order to reduce the time required to transfer the knowledge and ideas from the author to the reader.

Happy reading and Merry Christmas.

Nick Whiteley

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