2013: Three Resolutions To Embrace


There isn’t a job title called leader; It isn’t a position, it’s an attribute.  Gandhi and Martin Luther King didn’t have positions of power, but it didn’t stop them leading and, more importantly, leading change. They did not have direct reports so being a manager or director are not prerequisites to leadership, in fact often your position can get in the way of leadership by providing an easy – though often ineffective – lever of change through authority and management responsibility. A leader doesn’t need authority; leadership is more than sufficient and far more successful at driving positive change.

 Whatever your role, make 2013 your year of LEADERSHIP.


For an organisation to grow, its people need to grow and this doesn’t happen by chance. To grow your people you need to develop each and every individual and you need to start with you.  Just as plant’s needs regular feeding to grow, so you do through exposure to new ideas, concepts and knowledge. A tree does much of its growth unnoticed through its roots; in the same way, a great business develops staff to create deep knowledge roots that enable the company to grow. Make it your new year’s resolution to regularly learn and develop through every means possible.

Make 2013 your year of GROWTH.


The best way to grow your organisation and increase sales is through innovation. Innovation is also the best way to get people INTO work and the global economy OUT of recession.  Business is now becoming the major player in ensuring a better tomorrow for everyone and everyone can play their part. Remember: Innovation isn’t simply a new product, but can be a new service, process or business model. Innovation can happen in every function and in every role. It is not someone else’s function to innovate but a shared opportunity and you have a part to play.

Make 2013 your year to make a difference through INNOVATION.

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