Light Bulb Moment: 4 Essentials for Innovation

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The light bulb is often used as metaphor for innovation and in this post I go one step further by using it to demonstrate the 4 key essentials for innovation within an organisation:

1. Passion (Power)

2.  Collaboration (Filament)

3.  Culture (The Environment)

4. Vision (Contains and focuses the forces of innovation).

4 Essentials For Innovation

1.       Passion

The power behind innovation is the passion of the leaders, managers and staff. Without passion, there is no energy or drive and the result will be poor. As Georg Hegel states Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.

2.       Collaboration

Ensure people internally connect with, and understand, the external needs of customers and the market.  It is between these two interconnections where the spark of innovation is created. Ensure collaboration not just within the company but also between the company, customers and the wider market.  Break down barriers and connect.

3.       Culture

Having the right culture is critical in enabling staff to innovate. An innovative culture is one where there is accountability without blame, understanding of risk without avoidance, collaboration without committee and empowerment without fear.  A good culture will attract and retain bright people and allow them to shine.

4.       Vision

A clear vision provides clarity on what the company is about, where it wants to focus its energy and the kind of “better tomorrow” the organisation is seeking for its customers.  Without context and clarity, the likelihood is that there will be diffusion of purpose resulting in mediocrity rather than innovation. The Vision, Values and Mission give form to the culture and focus the innovation efforts.

You can also view the presentation on slideshare HERE

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