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Making Innovation Work

Innovation isn’t a topic for just your R&D department or in product development. Innovation should be on the board agenda and with each and every department and individual. Its a culture thing, its a vision thing, its a HR thing. … Continue reading

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2013: Three Resolutions To Embrace

Lead There isn’t a job title called leader; It isn’t a position, it’s an attribute.  Gandhi and Martin Luther King didn’t have positions of power, but it didn’t stop them leading and, more importantly, leading change. They did not have direct reports so being a manager or director are … Continue reading

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Time to get serious about company culture

If company culture was a person, they would  frequently appear on Interpol’s most wanted list, but without a good description, would they ever find him? Confused? Well in my experience people talk about company culture as if it was a third … Continue reading

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